TAI reduces tests for aircraft with artificial intelligence

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) has nationalized another artificial intelligence-based capability in aircraft material tests.

17 May 2022

According to the statement made by the company, TAI carried out an international scientific study including the Turkish Aerospace USA office in the USA and academicians from the world's leading universities.

The company, which will also commission the "Digital Twin" technology, will start the test of the product's twin designed in the virtual environment as soon as the test phases begin. TUSAŞ, which has managed to shorten the test phase with artificial intelligence, will collect test data from the same piece it will design in a virtual environment. As a result of the test data obtained from here, it can be determined beforehand which areas will get tired and how much. Thus, the durability of the part will be known.

Thus, TAI will be able to reduce fatigue tests by 70 percent. In addition to saving time, effective use of human resources will be ensured, the rate of scrap material generated during the tests will be reduced and the energy consumption during the test will be reduced.

Making evaluations on the subject, TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil said, "Our efforts to develop our aircraft at world standards and with the technologies of tomorrow continue rapidly. Our joint work with our engineers in our company's office in the USA and academicians who are experts in their fields has yielded results. We have nationalized another capability and this "We have also confirmed it with TOBB University, one of the respected universities of our country. Our efforts to use more advanced technologies are continuing. I would like to thank everyone who has undersigned developments that will contribute to our country's aviation ecosystem." made its assessment.

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