Türkiye's largest warship TCG Anadolu will be delivered at the end of the year

Türkiye's largest warship TCG Anadolu is planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command at the end of the year.

17 September 2022

Final tests are being carried out on the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship Project, which was launched in 2015 by the Presidency of Defense Industries in line with the needs of the Naval Forces Command, upon the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

A press conference was held in order to display the last stage of the ship, which was built under the main contractorship of Sedef Shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul, and to give information about the point reached.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry İsmail Demir, who made inspections on the ship, said in a statement to the journalists that the project, which was started in 2015, is about to be completed, and that the rate of locality on the ship is around 70 percent.

Stating that they are working with a very wide chain of sub-loaders, Demir said, "There are 131 subcontractors. This will be the largest warship in our country and there are only 12 countries in the world that have ships of this scale. Our Navy will strengthen its power with this ship." said.

"Work has begun on transforming it into a UAV ship that will be the first in the world"

İsmail Demir stated that this ship will be a part of the NATO alliance while adding strength to the strength of the navy, and that it will also add strength to its strength.

"Our efforts to transform our TCG Anadolu ship into a 'SİHA ship' for the first time in the world, together with the SİHAs that will land and take off on it, continue with Baykar," he said. Demir said that the development of Bayraktar TB3 SİHAs for this ship continues.

Demir said, "At the next stage, not only the existing SİHAs, but also our Kızılelma and Hürjet aircraft are working on the ability to land and take off on these and such ships. In other words, for air platforms other than the helicopters that will be placed on our ship after it is put into service, namely TB3, Kızılelma. Adaptation and integration work for Hürjet will continue after it is put into service." he said.

"It will also serve in times of peace and disaster"

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, Demir, stated that the ship could transfer a minimum of battalion force in the seas to the crisis area with its own logistics support, and made the following statements:

"Of course, today our ship has various functions. In fact, it will be able to serve as a hospital in peacetime, to provide and transfer humanitarian aid. It will be able to provide assistance in disaster areas. There is a very large hospital and medical device organization inside. Again, this ship, as you know, was launched into the sea in May 2019. We have launched and sea acceptance tests have started in June. Hopefully, we expect acceptance by the end of this year."

Demir explained that there was a cooperation with a foreign company during the design phase of this ship, but that the Turkish shipbuilding industry can easily carry out such a project by using its own capabilities.

231 meters long, 32 meters wide

Noting that the length of the ship is 231 meters and its width is 32 meters, Demir gave the following information:

"The ship's full load displacement will be a maximum of 27,436 tons. The ship will have a maximum speed of at least 20.5 knots and an economic speed of 16 knots at full load displacement. The ship will have a cruising range of at least 9 thousand nautical miles at full load with its economic speed. "There will be a powertrain and an aerial platform on it. Helicopters and aircraft will be able to land and take off. We have a pool inside our ship, as you can see before. There, too, our landing ships will be able to transfer our various armored vehicles, tanks and personnel to land."

Demir stated that he will take on very important duties in times of peace and disaster and said, "We hope to celebrate this together at the end of this year, during the acceptance procedures." he said.

İsmail Demir, on a question about which tests are ongoing, said, "There are many tests. These tests are continuing. We expect the acceptance process to be made at the end of this year." used the phrases.

It can carry 94 vehicles, 10 helicopters can be deployed

On the other hand, according to the information given, the water-capable pool inside the ship; 4 LCM ships (mechanized landing craft) will be able to enter, each carrying 1 tank.

On vehicle decks; It will be able to carry a total of 94 vehicles, including 13 tanks, 27 armored amphibious assault vehicles-ZAHA, 6 armored personnel carriers-ZPTs, 33 miscellaneous vehicles and 15 trailers.

A total of 10 helicopters or 50 SİHAs can be deployed on the flight deck, and this number can reach up to 100 depending on the configuration.

The ship will have a carrying capacity of 1,223 personnel. There will be a full-fledged hospital facility and 2 operating theaters on board.


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