About Us

SAVTÜRK Defense Industry Journal, which has been published every two months in Turkish and English since 2018, our news site www.savturk.com and our university magazine with defense technology content, Ünisav Academy, serve as a bridge between the defense industry and the sector’s stakeholders and followers, preparing the national defense ecosystem. It tries to keep it dynamic with the most up-to-date news and analysis, and to bring interpretative perspectives to the past, present and future of the sector with the interviews and special news studies it conducts with the veterans and pioneers of the sector.

As SAVTÜRK Publishing, we continue to present the trends in defense technology, developments in the market, transformation of the business world, defense legislation, military developments and issues affecting the industry with an accurate, reliable and impartial understanding today, as well as contributing to the sustainable development and increase of awareness of the sector.

Today, as SAVTÜRK Publishing, we aim to transform the power of the media sector, which affects the dynamics of globalization and competitiveness in all sectors, into a catalyst and turn it into a promotional element on behalf of the defense industry. As an institution operating in the media leg of our defense industry, we strive for the sector to be promoted and known in the global arena.

We will continue to support the transformation journey of the Turkish defense industry, which is growing while transforming, with the power of information and journalism, our technological infrastructure and our independent, professional and strong staff, to benefit-oriented and to increase the visibility of the Turkish defense industry with the goal of 100% localization.