President Erdoğan: We have reached the super league with the ability to produce new generation explosives

30 April 2021

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Energetic Materials Production Facility Opening and Product Launch at the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) Barutsan Rocket and Explosive Factory.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Erdoğan announced the decisions taken for civil servants and tradesmen and the new support to be provided.

Stating that they decided to increase the holiday bonus payments, which started in 2018 for retirees, from 1000 lira to 1100 lira, Erdogan said that the arrangement regarding this was realized with the consensus reached in the Parliament.



"We are depositing civil servant salaries in the accounts as of May 10. We are extending the rental support period between 750 lira and 500 lira for 1 more month with the monthly income support of 1000 lira to our tradesmen, whose activities were negatively affected by the epidemic. In addition, the debt of 240 thousand people who could not pay installments from our tradesmen using credit with the guarantee of TESKOMB was paid to the bank by TESKOMB to be collected later. "

Stating that another important regulation regarding checks and bills was negotiated by the Parliament, President Erdoğan stated that the prohibition of termination of employment contracts was extended to 30 June and the duration of short-time work allowance was extended from the beginning of April to the end of June.

Erdogan said, "On the other hand, we are launching a new support program with a total budget of 5 billion liras through KOSGEB. This support is primarily aimed at micro and small-scale enterprises operating in manufacturing sectors that have lost revenue or have disrupted cash flow due to the Kovid outbreak." he spoke.

Stating that filiz companies operating in the field of technology can also apply for this support, Erdogan said, "Micro enterprises will benefit from this support up to 30 thousand liras, small businesses up to 75 thousand liras, 3-year non-refundable, all without interest. From Monday, May 3, they can apply via electronic government via KOSGEB. " gave the information.

Cash assistance to needy families

President Erdogan said, "We are restarting the cash aid of 1000 lira per household to 1100 lira. We have allocated a resource of 2 billion 540 million lira to this. Social assistance and solidarity foundations are also added 183 million lira to support families in need. Our various institutions, especially our municipalities, continue to support our nation with many projects in this process. " said.

Wishing all good news will be beneficial, Erdogan said, "I believe that we have given our tradesmen, businesses, and business world a new opportunity to breathe in this troubled period." used the expression.


"Our Institution of Machinery and Chemical Industry has a special place in our defense industry"

Erdogan wished that the new generation electric hybrid system armored combat vehicles and BORAN 105 portable howitzers, with the explosive facility they opened, would be beneficial to Turkey, the Defense Industry and the Turkish Armed Forces.

Congratulating the engineers, technicians and workers involved in the development and production of these products, Erdogan said, "As the ancients said, 'be ready, peace if you want, peace-u salah', the way to preserve peace today is to be ready for all kinds of attacks. said.

Reminding that there were times before the world in this field, especially the cannons produced during the conquest of Istanbul and the rifles produced in the same century, Erdogan said that later the defense industry declined and became largely foreign-dependent.

Erdogan pointed out that the breakthroughs initiated for the domestic arms industry during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the factories established and the systems developed were replaced by inertia after the first years of the Republic, and stated that the painful experiences in the Cyprus landing showed the gravity of the deficiency in this issue.

"It is much better understood today that the path to independence passes through a strong army with weapons, technology and training, as much as the number of soldiers or even more." Erdogan said:

"For the last 19 years, we have made intensive efforts to raise our defense industry with high technology, research and development-based domestic production. Thank God, we have received the reward of our efforts and resources we allocate one by one. This institution has tried to meet the needs of our army, regardless of the conditions, by producing with the spirit of Manufacturing-ı Harbiye from Tophane-i Amire until today. .Our Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution is one of the rare organizations in the world that can produce integrated production to meet the weapon and ammunition needs of our army with domestic and national means. "

"It was established in a short time like 1 year"

Emphasizing that MKEK is the only structure in the world that can produce weapons and ammunition in all calibers from 5.56 millimeters to 203 millimeters under one roof, Erdoğan said that the barrel steel in the steel factory, the cartridge case in the brass factory, the propellant gunpowder in the gunpowder factory, the rocket fuel and He stated that warheads were produced.

Expressing that MKEK's ammunition factory produces aircraft bombs, tanks, howitzers and mortar ammunition, all kinds of pistols and rifle cartridges in the cartridge factory, Erdogan said, He said that gun production was carried out.

Expressing that they have brought modular gunpowder production lines to the institution with the "RDX, HMX and CXM" production facility, which are also called energetic materials today, Erdoğan said:

We will no longer be dependent on anyone for the explosives of our aircraft bombs, ammunition, missiles and warheads. Thanks to the facility we opened, we have reached the super league with the ability to produce new generation explosives as a country. "

"It is now at the disposal of our Armed Forces"

Erdogan stated that they have also opened modular gunpowder production lines, which are the propulsion systems of howitzers such as Fırtına and Panther, and said, "With this facility, the modular gunpowder system supplied from abroad will now be produced entirely with domestic facilities." said.

Expressing that a system that is asked for millions of dollars for technology sharing was produced by Turkish engineers with 100 percent domestic technology in a very short time, Erdoğan said:

"Military vehicle technologies are changing rapidly in the world. New generation autonomous and electric hybrid military vehicles have begun to take place on the battlefields. Today we have the opportunity to see the first example of new technologies that will end Turkey's external dependence on military vehicles, especially on engines. Our engineers M113 military armored vehicles. These electric armored combat vehicles, called e-ZMA, which can operate unmanned with remote control and successfully pass 27 very tough military tests, are now at the disposal of our Armed Forces. I congratulate all of our friends who took part in the e-ZMA project, who finished their external dependence on finding engines. "

Erdogan said that one innovation witnessed here is the YAVUZ and FIRTINA weapon systems, which are the continuation of the ŞAHİ cannons, which were personally designed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han.

Erdogan, "Inspired by Fatih, our engineers, following the path of Ahmet Süreyya Emin, who invented the field cannon that could shoot 'serial' for the first time in the world, in 1868, made the BORAN howitzer, which is the best in its class. With its 1750 kilogram weight suitable for air transport, its ability to be ready to fire in one minute, and its ability to fire 6 shots per minute, it will make a great contribution to our commando units. " he spoke.

Stating that he had the opportunity to examine the newly developed platform machine gun, President Erdoğan said, "This new machine gun has been named PMT-76-57-A. The phrase 57-A in the name of the machine gun has a special meaning. Almost all of its members are present to keep alive the memory of the 57th Regiment, who was martyred by the machine gun fire. " said.

In the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale War, President Erdoğan, who once again commemorated the Çanakkale Martyrs and all the martyrs with mercy, gratitude and respect, continued as follows:

"Another product I would like to point out is the OZOK hand grenade designed by our Lieutenant Lieutenant Ozan Olgu Köreke, who was martyred in 2017. Our Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution took, developed and started to produce this project. are the reflections of his soul today.
Fortunately, we are now able to produce thermobaric ammunition from GAZİ KOVAN, which was filled and sent back to the front many times during the years of the War of Independence. All of this is important, of course, but we have a lot more to do. For example, I expect the software and hardware of the naval cannon that started two years ago, the close air defense system that started this year, and the hybrid power and investigation systems of the T-155 storm howitzers to be completed as soon as possible. Likewise, there are many projects in other areas that we are looking forward to finalizing as soon as possible. For this, it is imperative that our defense industry take itself to a higher league with a new understanding.

"We want it to have a structure that will end foreign dependency as soon as possible"

Stating that the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation, which is one of the locomotives of the sector, should be restructured rapidly, Erdogan said, "Our Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation, in close cooperation with the private sector, will meet all the needs of our army, end dependency on foreign countries and support our friends as soon as possible. we want it to meet. " said.

Stating that the intense demand from inside and outside the country for the completed projects shows that every step taken, every technology developed is a counterpart to every product produced, President Erdoğan said:

"In order to achieve the efficiency, speed and quality we aim, this institution should work with the flexibility of the private sector in all groups under the heading of weapons, ammunition, rockets, explosives, chemicals, machinery and materials. Once again, I wish the facility we opened, the hybrid system armored combat vehicles developed and the developed BORAN 105 portable howitzer to be beneficial. I congratulate those who contributed to the development of these projects. "

Notes from the opening

Before his speech, a presentation was made to President Erdogan, who made examinations at the facility.

Erdoğan received information about the products launched with remote control, the electric armored combat vehicle (e-ZMA), and the Mechanical Mine Clearing Equipment (MEMATT) produced by the Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Inc. (ASFAT).

In the promotion of the remote controlled mine clearing vehicle, Erdogan was informed that the mining was not carried out during the demonstration in the area. Erdogan said, "This vehicle is working in Azerbaijan at the moment. Our friends did not lay mines here because they felt sorry for us. In Azerbaijan, we saw those mines in the field and watched their shooting. It is a very successful vehicle. I congratulate all those who contributed. Best wishes." used the expressions.

Erdogan later received information about the electric vehicle, which can be remotely controlled up to 5 kilometers, which allows Mehmetçi to be transported from one place to another in a sheltered manner, and used the vehicle with a remote control.

After his speech, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar and MKEK General Manager Yasin Akdere presented the painting containing "Surah Al-Fatah" in memory of the day.

Later, Erdogan and his entourage cut the opening ribbon of the facility. While cutting the ribbon, Erdogan said, "These magnificent works will be beneficial to our Armed Forces, our army, our nation, to be used in the happiness and peace of humanity." used the expressions.

Among the products launched in the program are the OZOK hand grenade, the airborne BORAN Howitzer and the modular gunpowder system.

It is aimed to end foreign dependency with the facility that will allow the domestic and national production of materials used as raw materials in various ammunition, rocket heads and composite rocket fuels.

The inauguration program was attended by Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, Force Commanders, Defense Industry Head İsmail Demir and MKEK General Manager Yasin Akdere.


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