Turkey diversifies its UAV ammunition

TÜBİTAK SAGE, which carries out nearly 60 projects for the needs of the Turkish defense industry, made the Bozok and Togan, which it developed for use with different types of unmanned aerial vehicles, ready for mass production.

03 June 2021

Gürcan Okumuş, Director of TÜBİTAK SAGE, said that the security forces carried out a series of studies to meet the needs of the air elements.

Stating that the tests have been completed in the Laser Guided Miniature Munitions Bozok Project, Okumuş stated that Bozok has taken its place in the portfolio as a highly effective ammunition that can be used in UAVs.

Pointing out that the ammunition of these vehicles has become very critical considering the effectiveness of UAVs in the battlefield in the recent period, Okumuş said, "Comparing to different UAV types, smaller ammunition has been very critical, especially in UAVs such as Bayraktar TB2. Its effectiveness in recent operations with MAM-L. You know. Bozok has also found its place in this class. Long range shooting is also planned in the project, which started with an 8-kilometer range. The product development has been completed, and additional capabilities for the future will certainly gain as in any ammunition, but we can say that it has now become mass-produced." said.

Ready for duty with Togan armed drone

Explaining that the air-launched unguided/low profile guided mini ammunition, Togan, is a very cost-effective option, Okumuş said, "Togan is an ammunition that we think may have special uses. We made some test shots with Hürkuş. On the one hand, the drone (mini-UAV) market is developing, different products are emerging. We made some tests and shoots with ASISGUARD's Armed Drone System Songar product. We also see Togan as a mass-produced product that has reached the final stage. A cost-effective product that can also be used with different platforms. As a different ammunition that can be used within certain concepts. completed its development. he said.

Kuzgun, the new weapon of UAVs and jets

Gürcan Okumuş stated that the Kuzgun Modular Ammunition Family, which is carried out as an internal project of the TÜBİTAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute, has reached important stages.

Okumuş stated that Kuzgun will have a mini-turbojet model apart from a completely non-propulsion model, and a small solid fuel model will be added to these, and that Kuzgun will serve with different seeker heads.

Okumuş informed that they are making efforts to make Kuzgun modular and said:

can be used effectively against air defense systems. We aim to use Kuzgun in almost every field and platform. When we start testing certain variants this year, we think it will come to a point in 2022, but turbojet and solid fuel will follow. These are also related to future product orders for project design and production."

Countdown to Sarb-83

Gürcan Okumuş stated that there is an order process for the Sarb-83, the sequential penetrating aircraft bomb they introduced in 2019, to enter the inventory.

Stating that they have started work on the serial production of Sarb-83, Okumuş said, "This ammunition will enter the inventory soon. Sarb-83 has now entered a certain path. On the Sert-82, the development side continues. We anticipate that we will complete the tests in the near future. They are carried out as internal projects of TÜBİTAK SAGE, they can gain speed or progress more slowly according to the order and project schedule." said.

Stating that TÜBİTAK SAGE is currently carrying out nearly 60 projects, Okumuş said that they mainly work on ammunition and platform projects, and that they also support sub-component and sub-system development for very important projects.

Emphasizing that they are still producing some very important and critical components, Okumuş said, "On the one hand, we have important test infrastructures, we provide support to different institutions in terms of facilities. We are in a busy pace, we carry out many projects, on the other hand, we support the projects of our organizations operating in the defense industry as much as we can. We are carrying out work packages that will he said.


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