2035 target of 425 percent increase in defense and aviation exports

Turkey Exporters Assembly President of the Roses, the sector will be the highest of 2035't increase in exports was reported to be defense and aerospace industry they expect 425 percent increase.

19 Nisan 2021

Savunma ve havacılık ihracatında 2035 hedefi yüzde 425 artış

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Gülle , online-held Brazilian Aerospace and Defense in his speech Virtual Trade Mission at the opening of the program, Turkey's defense and said that the success in the aviation field will be reflected in exports in the period ahead.

Stating that the successes in the sector have created the global agenda, Gülle said:

With many products such as our domestic helicopter ATAK, the capability of our army is increasing, our foreign dependency is decreasing and the product range of our sector is expanded. We will see the effect of this increase in quality and quantity in exports in the coming years. According to the analysis we included in our Export 2021 Report, which we published at the end of March, the sector with the highest increase in exports in 2035 will be the defense and aviation industry, where we expect an increase of 425 percent. "

Stating that they continued their work in this difficult period without interruption, Gülle said, "We continued to carry out our business in a virtual environment with the digitalization move we completed before the epidemic. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have carried out 65 virtual trade delegations in 54 countries and organized 10 virtual fairs." said.

"There are many cooperation opportunities between Turkey and Brazil"

İsmail Gülle, expressing that there are changes in world trade, in a period of rapid transition from "just in time" to "just in case", ie "delivery in any case" trend, as Turkish exporters, they have strong digital infrastructures and He said that they stand out with their ability to quickly adapt to the conditions.

Gülle said, "Thanks to this, our exports in the last 6 months have exceeded $ 100 billion. I hope we will complete the year 2021 above our target of $ 184 billion. Our country's achievements in many fields such as infrastructure, tourism, health, industry, technology, as well as increase our economic and political power, It attracts more and more attention of the whole world. " he spoke.

Turkey and Brazil in world politics and economy, rising powers as similar to that expresses the Roses, "There are many cooperation opportunities between the two countries. Signed Strategic Partnership Action Plan in 2010, and Brazil has been our first strategic partner in the region. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations Operating through MERCOSUR (South American Common Market), Brazil could be our gateway to this common market with a population of 553 million. " said.

In Ste framework agreement between MERCOSUR and Turkey in 2019, reminiscent of the entry into force of Roses, "This framework will arise mutually beneficial deals with the conversion of a stadium deal. Our exports to Brazil, our largest trading partner in South America, 19 percent in 2020, an increase of 590 million In the first quarter of the year, our exports to Brazil increased by 90 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 223.4 million dollars. " used the expressions.

Noting that it was possible for exports to Brazil to exceed $ 1 billion in a short time with this increasing trend, Gülle stated that exports to MERCOSUR member countries increased by 93 percent in the same period and reached 330 million dollars.

Gülle continued to make the following evaluations:

"In the first quarter of the year, our exports to Brazil increased by 1.065 percent to 65.6 million dollars, in the chemicals sector increased by 87 percent to 49 million dollars, in the automotive sector increased by 25 percent to 24.6 million dollars. Our exports increased by 327 percent to 2.8 million dollars in the same period, and Brazil became the 18th country to which our industry exports the most. The Trade Delegation will serve important collaborations. "

"Turkey and Brazil, a partner in the defense industry extremely well"

Turkey's Brazilian Ambassador Murat Yavuz Ates also reminded that Brazil is a great country, "the country, the whole continent, half, or even a bit more. Likewise economically the largest economy in Latin America. The top 10 in the world "It is an extremely important country with its leadership in its region and its global position." used the expressions.

The cooperation will be held with Brazil, but also in all Latin American countries, indicating that even would create a reference for the world of Fire, "Therefore, these countries should be attributed a special importance. The biggest trade partner of Turkey in Latin America. Outbreak; two countries and countries It taught how interdependent it is, and that this dependence should be on a wide variety of countries from a single source. he spoke.

Ateş stated that the difficulties of being dependent on a single resource in the economy were experienced in both countries and said:

"We see it when we approached in this context also the defense industry of Turkey to Brazil and Brazil to Turkey, extremely good in defense industry partners. Also very important in terms of diversification of international cooperation. Compatible with the two countries are as of Structures. I can see where each There is a will in this direction in both countries. At the same time, we should attach importance to partnership. Especially, it will be very beneficial for our companies to establish partnerships with Brazilian companies. Not only buy and sell, but also develop technology together,Preparing projects together will be extremely effective and beneficial. "


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